Week of September 16 to 22, 2013

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1) Linear and Integer Programming: Submitted part 1 and part 2 of Week 2 programming assignment. Both parts are written in Scala and borrow matrix concepts taught in Coding the Matrix course.
2) Coding the Matrix: Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction received today (2013-09-16). The final grade is 99.8% and I forgot I lost 0.2% in week 1 assignment.
3) Linear and Integer Programming: Week 3 videos and Homework 3 released. This week covers simplex method and auxiliary problem.
4) Linear and Integer Programming: Completed Homework 3 (2013-09-20). Use my favorite solver, Octave, to solve question 1, 2, 4 and 5.
5) Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information: Unit 3 videos released and the topic is how to build a metadata schema using Dublin Core, HTML and XML as examples. Finally, something I can relate to because I have working experience in XML and HTML technologies.
6) Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information: Completed Homework 3 and earned 15/15 in my third attempt (2013-09-20).
7) Recommender System: Videos of Module 3 were released. I am just going to audit this course because my schedule is packed once again.


8) Signed up on CaltechX: CS1156x: Learning From Data . I hope I don’t drop it like I dropped Saas II.  I heard it is an excellent machine learning course (probably as good as Andrew Ng’s machine learning course at Coursera).

MongoDB University:

9) M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers: Week 6 Homework was released in the past Tuesday. I completed the first 4 questions last night and finished the fifth one today (2013-09-20).


10) Learn to install unbuntu 13.04 on Virtual Box because I need it to complete the last assignment and final exam of M101JS: MongoDB for Node JS Developers.
11) An ex-colleague introduced Vagrant to me and it offers a quick way to set up ubuntu 64-bit in Virtual box.

Week of August 19 to 25, 2013

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1) Completed Coding Matrix Week 7 lab and Homework. Done with the course and wait for the issuance of the certificate.

2) Completed M102 Homework 6. Final Exam will be held next week.
3) Completed M101J Homework 4. Midway through the course.
4) Completed M101JS Homework 2. I am new to Node JS and need to refer to lesson examples to write Node JS programs to perform CRUD operation on MongoDB.
5) Upgrade to MongoDB 2.4.6 in local machine

1) Completed Quiz 1. 5 out of 7, decent score.
2) Did not submit Homework 1. Too busy currently and have to drop the course. I downloaded lecture videos of week 2 and 3 and will watch them when I have time.

1) No progress so far. Will watch videos of lecture 2 next week. The course is self-paced, so no pressure to meet deadline.

1) Learning how to write JAX-RS web service to retrieve JPA entities from H2 database.
2) Get an overview of Twitter Bootstrap and Knockout JS.