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MOOC stands for “Massive Open Online Course”

Education companies partner with top notch universities to offer free courses to general public.  Courses are run in various length and taught by faculty professors.
The format of online course is similar to classroom course where students complete assignments, quizzes and final examination to earn course mark. Rather than handing in course work in person, students submit their work by a submission script. It is then graded by auto grader and students can visit course homepage to check their grade. Depending on course policy, the number of submission ranges from 1 to unlimited.
If students meet the passing criteria of the course, they will receive statement of accomplishment signed by course instructor(s).

Well known MOOC platforms include Coursera, Udacity and EDX but the number is growing after popularity of this concept rises. For example, 10gen, the company behind MongoDB, offers many rounds of MongoDB courses to spread the word of NoSQL and MongoDB.

I am blessed to have completed courses at Coursera, EDX and 10gen Company. The experiences are rewarding because new knowledge is gained from each of them. I feel like a better software developer now than before. When designing a web application, I have more programming languages, frameworks and data stores to choose from.