My Spanish app in PANNG stack

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Intention: I am learning Spanish from a Spanish teacher and I cannot read my own notes due to my horrible handwriting. My resolution is to build a full-stack app to store new Spanish vocabulary.

Stack: PANNG (Prisma, Angular, NestJS, Nx, GraphQL)



  • Nx Monorepo
  • GraphQL module in Nest
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • Angular Apollo
  • TypeScript GraphQL code generation to generate GraphQL services
  • Tailwind CSS


  • Cursor-based pagination in course, lesson and sentence lists respectively
  • Add and retrieve course
  • Add and retrieve lesson
  • Add, delete and retrieve sentence
  • Add, delete and retrieve translation
  • Speak Spanish texts

Local graphQL playground


2019 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽 – Angular 大師之路

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Stackbliz demos

[Angular 大師之路] Day 17 – 使用 HTTP_INTERCEPTORS 攔截 Http Request

Demo of Day 17

[Angular 大師之路] Day 18 – 使用 ErrorHandler 集中處理錯誤

Demo of Day 18

[Angular 大師之路] Day 19 – 使用 APP_INITIALIZER 在程式運行早期處理資料

Demo of Day 19

[Angular 大師之路] Day 20 – 在 @NgModule 的 providers: [] 自由更換注入內容 (1)

Demo of Day 20

[Angular 大師之路] Day 21 – 在 @NgModule 的 providers: [] 自由更換注入內容 (2)

Demo of Day 21

[Angular 大師之路] Day 22 – 各種在程式中取的注入 token 實體的方法

Demo of Day 22

[Angular 大師之路] Day 23 – 認識 InjectionToken

Demo of Day 23

[Angular 大師之路] Day 27 – 開場閒聊

Demo of Day 27

[Angular 大師之路] Day 29 – 在 Angular 中應用 RxJS 的 operators (1) – 基礎篇

Demo of Day 29

[Angular 大師之路] Day 30 – 在 Angular 中應用 RxJS 的 operators (2) – 進階應用

Demo of Day 30

Projects built in May, 2018

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CSS Grid


codebuddies contributions (As of May 3, 2018)

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Make 5 Pull Requests to repo

  1. Opt out of auto-tweeted learnings – You can now opt out of auto-tweeting your learnings when you share a learning
  2. Github signin link added to the home page
  3. Bug fix: owner of completed hangout can create a hangout from the same page (broken button)
  4. Bug fix: hide google calendar button in completed hangout
  5. Remove duplicated code in the Meteor.LoginWithSlack function

codebuddies 1.0 release.