Week of February 24 to March 2, 2014

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1) Playful, Creative App: Statement of Accomplishment issued on March 1, 2014.
2) Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems:  Finished Week 5 lab on March 1 and submitted for autograding. Watched week 6 videos on graphics and animation, touch gesture and multimedia devices.  Week 6 quiz was done today and earned full mark in second try. Week 6 lab will be done sometime this week, so I do not fall behind schedule.

3) Beginning Android Game Programming: Setup development environment and able to run the game in emulator and tablet. Not a single line of code is written in week 1.

4) Published Heritage on the Go/隨時隨地遊古蹟 Android Application to Google Play Store on February 27 and submitted it to HK Data One App Competition.
5) Use third-party library to implement preference fragment in Android Application that supports sdk level 8. https://github.com/kolavar/android-support-v4-preferencefragment
6) Found a cool android library to draw a route between two locations in Google Map. https://github.com/jd-alexander/Google-Directions-Android
6) Install Scrapy, VirtualEnv, VirtualEnvWrapper and IonicFramework in my ubuntu box.

Completed M101P: MongoDB for Developers

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Final exam was submitted on past Thursday and I am waiting for the result to come out next week.  According to the course website, the deadline of the exam is August 6, 9:00 AM HK time; it will be graded by autograder and posted the result in the progress tab of student portal.

I must achieve at least 65% to earn the certificate and it is no easy task. It is because the the weight of the exam is very high, namely 50%. If I underachieve in the final exam, my dream of attaining 10gen certificate will be burst.

The homework average is 42 out of 50; it has gone down a bit because I forgot to hand in assignments of week 1 and week 2. The exam is consisted of 10 questions, so I need to get at least 5 correct answers to achieve my goal.

I am skeptical because there are 3 questions I don’t know the answer. Even though I visit course discussion forum to look for hints and advice, nothing helpful has turned up.  The 5 hand-on questions are straightforward but I have no way of verifying my answers.  The JSON datasets used in the exam are so large that they make checking results extremely time consuming.

My fate rests on the final exam autograder. When next Tuesday arrives, I will know if I pass the course of not. Wish me luck!!!!


Enroll to MongoDB for Python Developers

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Title:  Taking Mongo DB for Developers

Instructor: Andrew Erlichson

Start Date: June 17, 2013

Duration: 6 weeks

Prerequisite:  Knowledge of programming language supported by Mongo



Resource Links

  1. Python 2.7
  2. PyMongo – Python driver for MongoDB
  3. Bottle framework 0.11 stable release