Week of November 11 to November 17, 2013

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1) Human Computer Interaction: Completed Quiz 3 and watched week 5 video lectures.
2) Reactive Programming: Watched week 1 video lecture and submitted assignment 1.
3) Reactive Programming: Watch week 2 video lectures and submitted assignment 2.
4) Algorithm II: Completed assignments of week 1 but totally give up on the programming assignment
5) Algorithm II: Week 2 video lectures were released but I have not watched any yet.
6) MetaData: Certificate of Accomplishment issued.
7) Linear Programming: Certificate of Accomplishment with Distinction issued
8) Human Computer Interaction: Watch week 6 video lectures


9) Completed Android side project: Bluestone Crystal Accessories but store owners do not give permission to put it to Google Play.
10) Attended lesson 2 and 3 of IPad Development Course. Plan to make an IPad Application that incorporates all the interesting controls and concepts presented in the course
11) Attended lesson 4 and 5 of IPad Development Course.
12) Start another side project: MCS Heritiage Walk 2013.