Week of August 12 to 18, 2013

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1) Completed Coursera: Competitive Strategy. Waiting for Statement of Accomplishment.
2) Received Coursera Machine Learning: Statement of Accomplishment.
3) Coursera Coding Matrix: Week 6 videos. Completed two labs and one homework. Almost done with the course.
4) Coursera Maps and the Geospatial Revolution: Missed Quiz 4. Will drop it because I am taking too many courses at the same time.

5) Received 10gen M101P: Certificate of Completion.
6) Completed M102 Homework 5. Two more weeks to go.
7) Completed M101J Homework 3. Midway through the course.
8) M101JS started on August 12, 2013 and completed Homework 1.

9) CS-169.2x Software as a Service started on August 13. (Falling behind, no time to watch videos)