1st year working anniversary in NixPlay

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September 12, 2017 – 1st working anniversary

What I gain in a year

  1. Working with like-minded people. Talking to them is so easy nowadays because we share the same vocabulary.
  2. A company that really invests into their employees. I am still amazed that my employer purchased that many subscriptions of Frontend Master for the dev team. I cannot speak for my colleagues but they are very useful to me.
  3. Pick up ES6. I did not know what fat arrow () => ‘hello world’ meant when I first started there. Now, I am applying ES6 features in project with relative ease.
  4. Understand the concept of JS from expert. Watching Frontend Masters courses after work is a valuable personal investment. Now, I am more confident in JS coding and make less mistakes on the job.
  5. Able to structure component-based AngularJS project. The concept of component-based architecture in AngularJS is solidified in my brain after watching Frontend Masters course
  6. Exposure to two Amazon APIs. AWS Cognito API to implement authentication and account management for our in-house system. AWS API gateway to expose restful endpoints of our in-house system.
  7. Exposure to two Google APIs: Google Place API and Google Calendar API.
  8. Good practice of Sass, Flexbox and CSS. I watched tutorials on Sass and FlexBox and tried to fix CSS bugs on my own. My CSS is still terrible but my colleagues come to rescue from time to time


CSS and efficiency are two main problems in my opinion. I can tackle the tasks assigned to me eventually but I always take a bit more time than my colleagues. Getting the job done is not enough, using appropriate design pattern and data structure to solve it in reasonable amount time is more important to the team and the entire company.
I am a long way to go but I am getting there.