Projects built in July, 2018


Vanilla JS, SCSS, HTML

Import bootstrap, ng-bootstrap and font-awesome in angular app

1) yarn add bootstrap @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap font-awesome

yarn add bootstrap @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap font-awesome

2) In style.scss, import bootstrap and font-awesome

  1. @import "~bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";
  2. $fa-font-path : '../node_modules/font-awesome/fonts';
  3. @import "~font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";

4) type ng serve to launch application in development mode. Index page should open at url http://localhost:4200.

ng serve

How to build webcomponentjs v0 polyfill and include in angular

1) git clone repository
2) check out v0 branch
3) install gulp globally

  1. npm install -g gulp

4) build webcomponentjs manually

  1.  npm install
  2.  gulp build

5) Find the generate js files in dist/ folder
6) Copy webcomponents.min.js to assets folder of angular project
7) import webcomponents.min.js to polyfill.ts

  1. import "./assets/webcomponents.min";