2015 Year in Review

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1) Complete Year 1 semester 2 and 3, and Year 2 Semester 1 despite heavy course work load
2) Attend my second Hong Kong Open Source Conference held at HKSTP
3) Attend inaugural PyCon HK 2015 Day 1 and 2 held at Cyberport
4) Join events organized by Open Source Hong Kong, Codeaholics, Open Innovation Lab and Hong Kong Node JS respectively
5) Continuously to learn MEAN stack. Firebase and open source tools (Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Yeoman)
6) Read three books this year. Beginning NodeJS, Full Stack JavaScript Development With MEAN and AngularJS Web Application Development Blueprints
7) Good health
8) Build a toy project that tracks down my event attendance; something that actually benefits me.
9) Met a PolyU classmate who shares the passion of web technology and accept my invitation to attend meetup.

10) Completed my only MOOC course in Udacity, Web tools and automation.

Goals next year :
1) Graduate next year
2) Go on my first vacation in three years
3) Read about HTML5 and CSS3 and practice Angular 1.x/2
4) Attend HKOSC 2016 (?), PyCon HK 2016 (?) and definitely TW JS Conf 2016 (Buy ticket early)
5) Try to speak clearly and communicate effectively with family, friends and colleagues
6) Enrol and finish at least 1 MOOC course. Udacity has many free courses that aim at web developers and Android developers.

HK PolyU Msc of Computing – Year 2 IT Semester 1

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Poly U Msc of Computing – IT 2014-2015 Semester 1 completed on 2014-12-20

1) COMP5324 – Internet Information Retrieval:
Final Grade: A

  1. Quiz A – 19/22
  2. Quiz B
  3. Group Project – Build a search engine to query relevant documents
    1. Languages: Shell scripting, Java and C++
    2. Libraries:
      1. Apache Common Math Library
      2. Trove4j
      3. JChart
    3. Implemented Retrieval Models:
      1. Vector Space Model
      2. Boolean Retrieval Model
      3. LSI for Vector Space Model

2) COMP5325 – Distributed Computing:
Final Grade: B+

  1. Assignment 1
  2. Assignment 2
  3. Project – Build a tool to characterize YouTube Video Streaming Platform
    1. Java 7, Maven 3,  Apache Command CLI Library
    2. Argument:
      1. -v: video id
      2. -d: enable download mode
      3. -p: full path
      4. -f: filename
      5. -e: extension (mpf, flv, 3gpp, etc)
      6. -r: resolution (360p, 144p, 720p, 1440p)
      7. -x: proxy list