Week of February 10 to February 16

1) Playful, Creative App: Watched week 8 videos and completed quiz #8.
2) Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems:  Week 4 covered UI controls and custom adapter of ListView. The ToDo Manager assignment looked quite easy on paper but i could not get it to pass the autograder. Turned out I called setcheck method unnecessarily and produced extra log statement in output file. In future assignments, i should pay attention to logic and write right code.

3) Working on Heritage on the Go/隨時隨地遊古蹟 Android Application.
a) Add function to save monuments to “My Favorites”
b) Add “My Favorites” navigation drawer item
c) Refactor code to centralize data in state object and have better organization of packages
d) Fix bug. Place fragment crashed after email was sent via Intent. Need to generate QR code bitmap and assign it to imageview in onResume method

Week of February 4 to February 9, 2014

1) Playful, Creative App: Assignment 3 submitted this morning (Feb 9, 2014). It used quite a lot of concepts covered in wee 6 and 7: ScrollView, LinearLayout, Animation, EditText, TextWatcher, SharedPreference and, save bitmap to public directory and share to friends.
2) Playful, Creative App: I did not realize it is an 8-week until instructor posted week 8 videos and quiz in coursera web page. Sigh!!! One last quiz and peer grading and I can say farewell to this course.
3) Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems:  Week 3 covers Intent and Intent-Filter, Permission and Fragment.  Fragment videos are not watched yet and three labs are waiting for me to complete. The due date is Monday February 17, and I still have a little more than a week to tackle them.  Optimistic is the word I would use to describe the current situation.

4) Working on Heritage on the Go/隨時隨地遊古蹟 Android Application.
a) Fix bug in Google Map.
b) Add “Show All” button to show markers of all monuments in Google Map
c) Use SharedPreference to record last clicked marker in Google Map
d) Implement listener to respond to click event of InfoWindow and display Place fragment
e) Show English website and image if language of the device is English. Otherwise, Chinese website and image are displayed.
f) (Optional) Generate 2-d QR barcode and show the bitmap in imageview. When other device scans the barcode, useful info is shown, for example, web page url and app’s url.